Free WordPress Live Odds Plugin

Developed for WordPress

This code was originally developed by myself, part of the Gambling Ninja brand. Due to time constraints and the fact I don’t think there is anything on the market, that does anything similar – I have decided to release this for free, open source and hopefully, encourage people to contribute code and fixes. The current version as of today DOES have bugs, but hopefully, the community can come together to support.

I have created an official forum located here:

A demo can be seen here:

  • Install Plugin
  • For this plugin to work you NEED a BetFair Developer account.
  • Enter username/password/app key here: \app\win_nr\includes
  • Get API key from and enter it in app\football\lib\config.ini and \app\football\getTeams.php
  • Upload and activate the plugin, ensure you read the steps on the options page (setting up cron jobs)
  • You need to create the following pages
  • Create a page called Race, with the following shortcode [horse_url_var]
  • Create the following shortcode on your main page [odds]
  • EPL Standings add this shortcode [full_league_standings]

You can contribute or download the code here: