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WP - Odds Plugin

I have decided to release the Gambling Ninja Odds Plugin on github, as an open source plugin. I am hoping that other people can contribute code and ideas until we can get a decent stable version of the code running.

The plugin is a simple WordPress plugin, that relies heavily on the Betfair developer API - with this code gives us the basis of a lot of the framework and populates a lot of the data too.

As far as my knowledge goes, I don't think there is anything on the market like this, and I believe if I were to develop a stable version, I could have charged a fair bit - but hell with that, I'm distributing it free, for the good of the community 🙂

Currently, the plugin only works with a handful of betting affiliates, but it would be great if people can contribute more.

The original intention of the plugin was just for horse racing, but I have recently added some basic football (soccer, for you Americans) into the plugin.

The plugin is by no means the finished article and comes with a few little bugs that hopefully you guys can contribute in ironing out.

I look forward to the contributions and the start of a new community.


This looks really promising, I'd really like to explore this plugin a bit more on my betting site. I have looked around, but haven't found anything remotely similar, unfortunately. So thanks for developing this, and an even bigger thanks for providing this for free to the community.