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Odds Monkey Review

OddsMonkey are an old hand in the matched betting world, establishing themselves in 2011 as the leader in their famous odds matching software – however without all the bells and whistles that you see today. In April 2016, OddsMonkey relaunched themselves and have now became the industry leader, according to most users.

With a a premium OddsMonkey account you get all the features we list below within the price you pay per month (some of its competitors charge for additional features which is not the case with OddsMonkey).


This is OddsMonkey’s bread and butter, so it’s no surprise that this is rated very highly – and in our opinion, nothing comes close. Also, many of the other matched betting communities actually pay a license fee to use OddsMonkey’s Odds Matching software (Profit Accumulator and Profit Maximiser used to be one of them).

The odds matcher supports a whole ton of useful features that include:

Custom filters to which can be saved specifically for you.

Alerts, get notified with emails (save refreshing) – I know a few people using this for arbs.

Direct linking to the events.

Safe URL (so the bookies don’t know you’re coming from a matched betting community).

Filters: exclude/include certain sports/bookmakers/exchanges and min/max odds plus a load of other useful filters.

On top of all these great features, it’s worth giving a mention to the fact that the OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher tool has more sports, more bookmakers and more markets than the other Oddsmatching tools available from its competitors (true as of 2017). It’s also super-fast, to use and pull back data. It’s hard to see any competitor making a better oddsmatcher tool. So, if your main concern when choosing a matched betting service is the oddsmatcher tool – then look no further.


The OddsMonkey ACCA software is a nice piece of software that allows you to find the best accumulators possible, you can mix and match the games you want too (so there is some choice). They offer ACCA’s for: No Lay, Lay at the beginning, Lay Sequential (Lock in) and Lay Sequential.


The Each Way Matcher is a piece of software that comes in very handy whilst trying to rack up extra money in your matched betting kitty. I personally don’t use it as much as I should, but a lot of people on the forums rave about this, and it does make me envious when I see their profit logs. It makes something that was once a laborious task something that is painstakingly easy.

A lot of users I know just signup for the each way matcher alone!


The OddsMonkey forum I believe is the best compared to its rivals. When you compare it to Profit Accumulator where the users are probably very new to the scene, Profit Maximiser whom are probably doing a lot higher risk bets – OddsMonkey sits nicely in the middle. This is why I believe the OddsMonkey forum is by far the best, it’s friendly, and very informative. You just best hope you don’t become addicted, and spend most of your time here rather than placing bets!


OddsMonkey offer a completely free trial that will allow you to make around £40-£50 without paying for the OddsMonkey subscription. It’s a great way to show new comers how easy it actually is to profit from matched betting, but also lets you get your feet wet using some of the tools (that will one day become second nature).


As well as all the guides matched betting websites are expected to deliver (including ours here). OddsMonkey also offer a free 1-1 training, as far as I am aware this is unique and no other matched betting service currently offer this. This is great for newbies to get up to speed quick, instead of trawling through forums looking for answers, you can ask trained professionals instead. It’s not just a chat facility it’s a screen sharing session – which is a great addition. Not only would this help newbies starting their matched betting career, but also veterans looking to move into a different area such as ACCA’s or the E/W Matcher.


There is a whole host of features (such as calculators, ditching software etc…) that have not been included in this short review. I wanted to keep this review short and sweet and straight to the point, without boring anyone. If I were someone new coming into matched betting, or even a seasoned vet and was looking for one matched betting service then I would not even waste my time looking at any other platforms. OddsMonkey is also one of (if not the) cheapest matched betting subscription services out there, and probably is the richest in terms of features paying users will gain access to. For £15 a month it’s an absolute steal!

One snag some users have is that they would like higher risk casino offers included into their service (like that of Profit Maximiser). However, this is not for everyone – It’s not risk free so it maybe something they may never look into including in their service.

OddsMonkey also offer a moneyback refund for anyone that isn’t happy with their service (which can be claimed upon day 25). Well, you can’t say fairer than that, right?

If OddsMonkey sounds like the right premium matched betting service for you then follow this link below to sign up.