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Whether or not you’re a fan of the hit series Vikings, this slot based on the show has a lot going for it and provides a tremendous amount of entertainment....

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Are you looking to come into some funds that don’t require general knowledge, the assistance of friends, crowds or flip of the coin decisions? Big Time Gaming might just have...

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Primal Megaways

A trip back in time now, to the era of dinosaurs and the precursor to life on earth as we know it today with Primal Megaways, a slot from Big...

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Wild Country

Wild beasts and the world of nature is the theme in Wild Country, a somewhat self-explanatory slots title from Novomatic. Famous for their slot machine games both online and off,...

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Nitro Circus

If you’re into extreme sports, you’re probably already familiar with Nitro Circus. A travelling band of incredibly talented athletes performing death defying extreme sports around the world, the Travis Pastrana-led...

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